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Investigation Request  

Initial Consultation: The first interview is with one of our Case Directors. We listen to your explanation of the problem and then advise you if your situation would benefit from an investigation. If your case merits an investigation, the Case Director will give you an approximation of the total cost, how much retainer will be necessary for work to start, and a realistic estimate as to the results that can be obtained. The retainer amount will very with the complexity and estimated work of the case. 


Asset Search: A search for money — This can include bank accounts, stocks, insurance, businesses, real property and personal property. The history of the subject is also established by researching public records for bankruptcies, judgments and liens. Useful for establishing the ability to pay for Child Support or a judgments.


Background Investigation of a Businesses & Professionals:  Verify you are dealing with a viable business that has the assets, insurance, state license and training to do the job. We also verify the license, credentials, education and discipline records of professionals. How may times has your doctor been sued for malpractice? Has your attorney ever been suspended from the bar? A quick inspection will protect your health and assets.


Pre-Employment Background Investigation: The standard check that every employer should use on any prospective employee to verify their identity, social security number and drivers license. Protect yourself from fines or imprisonment for hiring undocumented aliens, under-age minors, child molesters or persons using fictitious identification. Can be expanded to included “Honesty Check” and “Polygraph” testing.


Missing Person & Skip Tracing: Locating people is one of our specialties. This can be anything from locating a witness to tracking down a fugitive from justice. Our success rate is more than 99.9%. Skip Tracing is a term used for tracking down “deadbeats” and making collections against their assets.


Personal Injury Investigation: Specifically designed as a support service for Personal Injury Attorneys and Insurance Companies. Locate witnesses, obtain statements, photography, accident scene review, fraud and other related inquires.


Undercover Investigations: Designed for the individual business owner or manager to uncover problems with theft, fraud, and drugs among employees. Blue collar and white collar services.


Workers’ Compensation Investigation: WCAB investigation support for Defense preparation, suspected fraud investigation, AOE/COE, or third party liability issues.


Criminal Defense Investigation: Comprehensive investigations designed specifically for each client when defending criminal matters.


Other Standard Investigations:

• Accident • Blackmail • Extortion • Child Custody  • Computer Fraud • Conflict of Interest • Embezzlement • Family Law • Fraud • Malpractice • Negligence • Parental Kidnapping • Product Counterfeiting • Product Liability • Surveillance • Teen Runaways • Trade Secrets • Probate & Will Contest • and more…